Title:  Senior Faculty - Associate Professor, Congenital Heart Surgery

Division:  Pediatrics
Work Location:  San Antonio, TX
Requisition ID:  9768

Department: Baylor College of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Division: Congenital Heart Surgery

Employment Duration: Full-time


Our department is currently seeking an Associate Professor in Congenital Heart Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)

Job Duties

Admit, evaluate, diagnose, provide consultation to, and provide medical and surgical care to pediatric and adult patients, including pre- and post-operative care, to correct or treat various conditions of the heart and related blood vessels including open and closed heart procedures. Provide complete care of critically ill patients with underlying surgical conditions in emergency departments, pediatric intensive care units, and trauma units and perform ablative surgery for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, AICD implantation, procedures upon the heart for the management of acquired cardiac disease (including surgery upon the pericardium, coronary arteries, the valves, and other internal structures of the heart and for acquired septal defects and ventricular aneurysms), and endarterectomy of pulmonary artery. Perform heart transplantation procedures, such as implantation of ventricular assist devices and insertion and removal of intra-aortic balloon pumps. Perform lung transplantation procedures, including management of congenital septal and valvular defects, management of patient on intra-aortic balloon pumps, palliative vascular procedures (not requiring cardiopulmonary bypass) for congenital cardiac disease, percutaneous or open caval interruption, pulmonary embolectomy, surgery of patent ductus arteriosus and coarctation of the aorta, surgery of the aortic arch and branches, descending thoracic aorta for aneurysm/trauma, surgery of the thoracoabdominal aorta for aneurysm, vascular access procedures for the use of life support systems (e.g., extra corporeal oxygenation and cardiac support), ventilator management, and vascular access for temporary or chronic therapy (e.g., infusion, dialysis). Lead quality and research efforts for cardiovascular services, including translational and clinical research. Instruct medical students, residents, Fellows, and other students in related fields (e.g., nursing students, dietary students, pharmacy students), who observe the physician directly in the hospital setting, in congenital heart surgery.

Minimum Qualifications

Must possess an M.D. or its foreign equivalent. Must have a license to practice medicine in Texas or be eligible for same. Must have completed a Residency in Cardiovascular Surgery, a Clinical Research Fellowship in Cardiac Surgery, and a Clinical Fellowship in Cardiac Surgery. In addition, must have 24 months of experience performing congenital surgery on adults. This 24 months of experience may be gained as part of a fellowship or independent of a fellowship.



Baylor College of Medicine requires employees to be fully vaccinated, subject to approved exemptions against vaccine- preventable diseases including, but not limited to COVID 19 and influenza.


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