Title:  Commercialization and Technology Management Associate

Division:  BCM Ventures
Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM
Work Location:  Hybrid
Salary Range:  $75,150 - $87,149
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Requisition ID:  12034


The Commercialization and Technology Management Associate will report to the Senior Manager, Commercialization and Technology Management within Baylor College of Medicine Ventures. Under their guidance, the successful candidate will work to catalyze the development and commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) assets in one of our key technology sector pillars. The successful candidate will develop the skills necessary to work closely with faculty innovators to identify, innovate, evaluate and validate potential new technologies that address unmet medical needs and can be commercialized to generate value. She/he will build a deep understanding of a technology's developmental pathway and supporting IP strategy and will provide strategic oversight of the commercialization process. The Associate will build strong relationships with faculty innovators to encourage their active participation and partnership in the commercialization process; while also developing the technical knowledge and business acumen necessary to guide faculty through the process. This position will have an eye toward producing the optimal commercial outcome and develop the necessary skills to manage negotiations with commercial partners. 


This is a hybrid position based in Houston, Texas with the ability to work both on/off-site and with the possibility to work remotely.


Why Join the BCM Ventures Team? BCM Ventures is the integrated commercialization team that manages the college's intellectual property assets and relationships with commercial partners that lead to the development of new products and services that benefit patients and society. Our science-driven approach to commercialization is catalyzed by the outstanding, cutting-edge research generated by our faculty innovators, with whom we work in very close partnership.


If you're an individual with a strong ethic to be of service, and you're seeking a stimulating, impactful work environment in a top-tier biomedical research institution where you will have the opportunity to work independently and interdependently with a great team that will support your professional growth and development, you've found the right opportunity. The culture of the BCM Ventures team is one that strives for excellence in all that we do to support college's research, patient care, and educational missions. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing an intellectual property portfolio corresponding to one of our key technology pillars. You will have the opportunity to manage a diverse portfolio of IP assets, the opportunity to work with faculty who are thought and opinion leaders in their fields of study, and the opportunity to find the right commercial partner to negotiate and close agreements that will deliver lasting impact. This is a job for a candidate seeking an opportunity to make a difference.

Job Duties

  • Relationship Management: Provides excellent, consistent service to faculty and commercial partners. Serves as an ambassador for our team within and outside BCM. Develops the ability to manage complex relationships with faculty, under the guidance and direction of the Senior Manager, Technology Commercialization and Management. Clearly explains the commercialization process to faculty, and explains the rationale behind the decision-making processes associated with it. Recognizes that successful commercialization is a partnership with faculty and treats the faculty member as a true partner in the process. Is unfailingly professional with all communication to all stakeholders. Actively and frequently seeks the advice and counsel of other more experienced team members to learn and navigate the complex aspects of this role.
  • Commercialization Process Education: Actively participates in departmental presentations, research retreats, and other opportunities to explain the commercialization process at BCM, to faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders. Takes time to fully explain commercialization-related topics to faculty members.
  • Disclosure Assessment and Management: Evaluates inventions arising from Baylor’s research. The evaluation is focused on the following factors, most of which are captured in an assessment to be shared with the submitting faculty member.
  • Proprietary nature of the intellectual property: Determines the proprietary nature of intellectual property by asking questions: Is the invention patentable? Is a patent necessary to add value to the invention to attract a commercial licensee? Can we pursue a claim structure of sufficient scope to attract a licensee?
  • Stage of technology development: Assesses the stage of technology development by asking: What key experiments have been done to support commercialization of the invention? What additional proof-of-concept experiments need to be done? Are there plans/resources to support this work?
  • Market potential: Surveys the market landscape: What are the solutions currently on the market? How does our technology compare? Who are the market leaders? What is the size of the market? Is it expanding, and at what rate? Who are potential partners for our technology?
  • Commercialization plan: Based on information collected through the assessment process, formulates and developed.
  • Intern engagement: Engages the use of interns to support the collection and analysis of information (prior art and market dynamics) to develop the assessment of the invention.
  • Faculty engagement: For internal use, the following questions are examined: Is the submitting faculty member engaged and willing to work with the team, outside patent counsel, and potential commercial partners to produce success? How has this faculty member engaged in the past?
  • Timely communication: Meets timelines and expectations for communicating the results of the disclosure assessment process to the submitting faculty member, and provides the faculty member with an opportunity to express feedback.
  • Roundtable engagement: Fully participates in the monthly roundtable discussion of new disclosures and other commercialization topics. Is consistently well-prepared to discuss disclosures in his/her/their portfolio. Actively engages with colleagues to provide input to support the team to develop an appropriate commercialization plan/recommendation.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree. 
  • Two years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's of science degree in a technical or business field and a minimum of one year of academic technology transfer experience or similar experience (internship experience in a technology transfer office) in licensing or business development gained in industry.
  • Ph.D. in Life Sciences or other advanced degree in a biological science discipline (Masters) and/or other advanced degree (MBA) or combination thereof strongly preferred.



Baylor College of Medicine requires employees to be fully vaccinated -subject to approved exemptions-against vaccine-preventable diseases including, but not limited to, COVID-19 and influenza.


Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.